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17 boat-builders in Slovenia

Logo Elan


- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Elan, Elan Power, Elan Impression
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats
built since 1952

Logo Greenline / Seaway

Greenline / Seaway

- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Greenline
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, electric boats/solar boats)

Logo Shipman


- Slovenia, company Shipman Carbon Yachts / Seaway
Boat models/ranges: Shipman
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, luxury sailing yachts (> 20 m))

In 2002, Seaway acquired the rights to the Shipman name decided to develop a range of new Shipman yachts based on carbon-epoxy technology.


Skagen Motoryachts / Seaway

- Slovenia, company Skagen Motoryachts/ Seaway
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, luxury motor yachts (> 20 m))
defective website:

Logo Seascape


- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Seascape
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 2003


Adria Event

- Slovenia, company Adria Event d.o.o.
Boat models/ranges: Adria Event
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats)

Logo Triplast


- Slovenia, company TRIPLAST Anton Novak s.p.
Boat models/ranges: Y-33, Y-999, Y-40, Y-37
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1983

Triplast has been founded in 1983.

Logo Seafaring Yachts

Seafaring Yachts

- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Coupe, Trawler, Flybridge
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)

Logo Alfastreet Marine

Alfastreet Marine

- Slovenia, company Alfastreet d.o.o.
Boat models/ranges: Energy 18 open, Energy 23 Cabin, Energy 23s Cabin, Energy 23 open, Engergy 23s open
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths)



- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Novomar
Manufacturer: inflatables (RIBs)

Logo Brioni Yachts

Brioni Yachts

- Slovenia, company Brioni d.o.o.
Boat models/ranges: 44, 44+
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)

Logo Ocean Tec

Ocean Tec

- Slovenia, company Ocean tec d.o.o.
Boat models/ranges: L30
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths)

Logo Anteros Yachts

Anteros Yachts

- Slovenia, company Anteros d.o.o.
Boat models/ranges: Anteros
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)


Ocean Class / Seaway

- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Ocean Class
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, luxury motor yachts (> 20 m), electric boats/solar boats)


CNC Boats

- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: CNC
Manufacturer: powerboats
defective website:


Tri marin

- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: 600, 950
Manufacturer: inflatables (RIBs)
defective website:

Logo Blumar


- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Blumar
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths)

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