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13 boat-builders in Belgium

Logo Etap


- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Etap
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1970

Logo Osprey


- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Osprey, Seahawk, Condor, V-line
Manufacturer: powerboats (race boats), inflatables (RIBs)

Logo Vennekens


- Belgium, company Jachtwerf Vennekens
Boat models/ranges: Kotter, Kalik, Koral
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, traditional sailers), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, luxury motor yachts (> 20 m))
built since 1952

In 1952 E. Vennekens started to build work and fishing vessels in Willebroek.
In the 1950s, the yard started building small pleasure crafts.
Currently, the yard is building motor yachts. In the past, also sailing yachts were built.



- Belgium, company Jupiter Handelsmijl. BVBA
Boat models/ranges: Jupiter
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)


Leonard Yacht

- Belgium, company Cantieri Navalli Leonard
Boat models/ranges: Leonard
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, luxury motor yachts (> 20 m))



- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Zeydon, Z60, Z80, M3X
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
defective website:


Van de Voorde

- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Van de Voorde
Manufacturer: powerboats (luxury motor yachts (> 20 m), motor mega yachts (> 50 m))


Van Heygen

- Belgium, company Bootbouwerij Van Heygen Bvba
Boat models/ranges: Spirit 36
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)



- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Brazapi
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing catamarans)


Ring Powercrafts

- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Ring
Manufacturer: inflatables (RIBs)
defective website:

Logo Trimax Yachts

Trimax Yachts

- Belgium, company Trimax Yachts n.v.
Boat models/ranges: Trimax
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing trimarans)

Logo Spirit Yacht

Spirit Yacht

- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Spirit
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)

Logo Domani Yachts

Domani Yachts

- Belgium
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, electric boats/solar boats)

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