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Logo Helmsman Yachts

Helmsman Yachts

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Carrera, Senorita, Lord, Queen, Barracuda
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1973

Founded by Arne Linde, the yacht-designer Hakan Södergrön and Lothar Köhler, and located near Stockholm, Sweden.
After a number of changes in ownership, the company moved to Germany.
Helmsman-Yachts Jan Schümann, Mirowerring 12, 24787 Fockbeck, Germany


Beister Werft

- Germany
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats, steel sailboats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built until 1981



- Germany, company Qn-Yachts GmbH
Boat models/ranges: Mocean26, spw9.5ds, Qn32 RC, Qn32 Race, Qn28power
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, electric boats/solar boats)

Logo Fiberline


- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Fiberline
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths), small boats (rowing boats)
built since 1959

Logo Deltania Yachts

Deltania Yachts

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Deltania
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)


Burkhard Baders Cat - Hausboote

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Kronland
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor catamarans, houseboats)

Logo Feltz Boote

Feltz Boote

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Skorpion, Kalan, Feltz
Manufacturer: sailboats, powerboats (steel boats, aluminium boats, custom built powerboats)
built since 1945


Bölte Werft

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Bölte
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)



- Germany
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, houseboats, passenger ships/ferries, work boats/rescue boats)
built from 1921 to 1962

Logo Martin Yachten

Martin Yachten

- Germany
Manufacturer: sailboats, powerboats, small boats (rowing boats)



- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Bandholm, Erria
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, motorsailers, sailing wooden boats)
built since 1961

Logo Balticat Werft

Balticat Werft

- Germany, company Balticat Werft GmbH
Boat models/ranges: BaltiCat, Baltic Living Boat
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing catamarans), powerboats (houseboats)
built since 1991

Logo Bergner Bootsbau

Bergner Bootsbau

- Germany, company Thomas Bergner Bootsbau
Boat models/ranges: JK 28
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats)


Hitzler Werft

- Germany, company Hitzler Werft GmbH
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, steel boats)
built since 1885

Logo Plan und Tat

Plan und Tat

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Solarboot
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing wooden boats), powerboats (houseboats, wooden motor boats, electric boats/solar boats)

Logo Rommel Yachts

Rommel Yachts

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Rommel
Manufacturer: sailboats


Hacker Boats

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Caribic 40
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)

Logo Bootsbau Rolf Krüger

Bootsbau Rolf Krüger

- Germany, company Bootsbau Rolf Krüger GmbH
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, sailing wooden boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, wooden motor boats)


VEB Schiffswerft Rechlin

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Habicht
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats)


DSB / Deutsche Schlauchboot

- Germany
Manufacturer: inflatables (RIBs)



- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Albatros, Condor
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1960


Yam (Yamaha Motor Germany)

- Germany
Manufacturer: inflatables, jet skis



- Germany, company Pischel Conrad Bootsbau
Boat models/ranges: MV, R.I.B.-LINE,
Manufacturer: inflatables (RIBs)


Le Boat

- Germany
Manufacturer: powerboats (houseboats)

Logo LundiYachts


- Germany, company LundiYachts GmbH
Boat models/ranges: 185, 215, 245, 155, 245, 262, Center Console, Soft Top, Hard Top, Wheelhouse, Cabin, Weekender
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats)


Aquare Bootswerft

- Germany, company Aquare Bootswerft GmbH
Boat models/ranges: BunBo, AQ 1500
Manufacturer: powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, houseboats)

Logo Aqua Royal

Aqua Royal

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Aqua Royal, Navigator, Cruiser
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats), small boats (rowing boats)

Logo Siemer Jachtservice

Siemer Jachtservice

- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Siemer
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 2001

Logo Gruben


- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Gruben
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths)

Logo Sailart


- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Sailart
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats, small boats


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