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70 boat-builders in Canada


J.J. Taylor and Sons Ltd.

- Canada
Boat models/ranges: Taylor and Sons
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built from 1904 to 1990

Logo 2Tinga


- Canada, Ontario
Manufacturer: inflatables


Aztec Yachts

- Canada
Boat models/ranges: Nautilus
Manufacturer: sailboats


Koma Boats

- Canada, company Koma Boats Ltd.
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing wooden boats)
built since 1972



- Canada
Boat models/ranges: Grew
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths)

Logo Titan Boats

Titan Boats

- Canada
Boat models/ranges: Titan
Manufacturer: powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths), inflatables (RIBs)

Established in the 1990s.

Logo Bruckmann Yachts

Bruckmann Yachts

- Canada
Boat models/ranges: Bluestar, 34E Express Cruiser, Abaco, Cruising Sloop, Daysailer 50 MK II
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, motorsailers), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1963


Calgan Marine

- Canada
Boat models/ranges: Cal, Crown, Calgan
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, motorsailers)
built from 1962 to 1979

Founded by Al Nairne. Based in Vancouver, BC. During a visit to California, Nairne saw a CAL 20, and was so impressed that he made arrangements with Jack Jensen of Jensen Marine to build Cal boats in Canada. Calgan built some 300 Cals (20' 25' 28' 29'), and developed its own line of Crown/Calgan sailboats, at its plant on Crown Street in North Vancouver, BC.


Martin Yachts

- Canada, company Martin Yachts Ltd.
Boat models/ranges: Martin
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats)


Challenger Yachts

- Canada
Boat models/ranges: Anacapa, Challenger
Manufacturer: sailboats
built from 1969 to 1980, defective website:

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