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Logo Jeanneau


- France
Boat models/ranges: Prestige, Sun Odyssey, Sun Fast, Merry Fisher, Leader, Cap Camarat, nc, Runabout, Rigiflex
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats), small boats
built since 1956

Logo Bénéteau


- France, company SPBI S.A.
Boat models/ranges: Antares, Beneteau, Cyclades, First, Flyer, Océanis, Swirft Trawler, Excess
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, sailing catamarans), powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1884, defective website:

Logo Bavaria


- Germany, company Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH
Boat models/ranges: Bavaria, BMB
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, sailing catamarans), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1978

2014: Bavaria purchased Nautitech Catamarans (France).

Logo Bayliner


Boat models/ranges: Bayliner, Bowrider, Element
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1957

Established in 1957 by Orin Edson. In the 1960's and 1970's, Bayliner produced also sailboats. Headquarter: Arlington, Washington, USA
A part of Brunswick Group.

Logo Dufour


- France
Boat models/ranges: Dufour, Gib'Sea
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1964

Logo Chris-Craft


- USA, Florida, company Chris-Craft Boats
Boat models/ranges: Chris-Craft
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats), small boats
built since 1874

Logo Ferretti Yachts

Ferretti Yachts

- Italy
Boat models/ranges: Ferretti, Altura
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats, luxury motor yachts (> 20 m))
built since 1968

1975 switch from sailboats to powerboats (1982 the first Ferretti motor-yacht).

Logo Hanse


- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Hanse
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1990

In 2007, Hanse acquired Moody (Great Britain).
In 2008, Hanse acquired Fjord (Norway).
In 2009, Hanse adquired Dehler (Germany).
In 2013, Hanse acquired Sealine (Great Britain).

Logo Lagoon


- France
Boat models/ranges: Lagoon
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, luxury sailing yachts (> 20 m), sailing catamarans), (motor yachts/cabin boats, luxury motor yachts (> 20 m), motor catamarans)
built since 1984

A division of the Beneteau Group.

Logo Elan


- Slovenia
Boat models/ranges: Elan, Elan Power, Elan Impression
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats
built since 1952

Logo Hallberg-Rassy


- Sweden
Boat models/ranges: Hallberg-Rassy
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1942

Logo Marlow-Hunter


- USA, Florida
Boat models/ranges: Hunter
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1969, length ca. 4 - 17 m



- Great Britain
Boat models/ranges: Westerly
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, motorsailers)
built from 1964 to 2000

Logo Moody


- Great Britain
Boat models/ranges: Moody
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1935

Founded as a repair company in south England in 1827. Since 1935 producing boats (brand Moody).
In 2007 bought by Hanse Group. Since 2007 producing in Greifswald, Germany.

Logo Catalina


- USA, California, company Catalina Yachts
Boat models/ranges: Catalina
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1969

Logo Cantiere del Pardo

Cantiere del Pardo

- Italy
Boat models/ranges: Grand Soleil
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, luxury sailing yachts (> 20 m), custom built sailboats)
built since 1974

Logo X-Yachts


- Denmark, company X-Yachts A/S
Boat models/ranges: X-Yacht, IMX
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1979

Logo Fountaine Pajot

Fountaine Pajot

- France
Boat models/ranges: Fountaine Pajot, Lavezzi, Athena, Queensland
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing catamarans), powerboats (motor catamarans)
built since 1976

Logo Dehler


- Germany
Boat models/ranges: Dehler, Varianta
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1963

Establlished by Willy und Heinz Dehler in the 1960s.
In 2009 purchased by Hanse Group (Germany).

Logo Rodman


- Spain, company Rodman Polyships
Boat models/ranges: Rodman
Manufacturer: sailboats, powerboats (day cruiser/powerboats without berths, motor yachts/cabin boats, motor catamarans, passenger ships/ferries)
built since 1974, defective website:

Logo Robertson & Caine

Robertson & Caine

- South Africa
Boat models/ranges: Leopard
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing catamarans), powerboats (motor catamarans)
built since 1991


Colvic Craft

- Great Britain
Boat models/ranges: Colvic
Manufacturer: sailboats, powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built from 1964 to 2000

Logo Van de Stadt

Van de Stadt

- Netherlands
Boat models/ranges: Van de Stadt
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)

Logo Wauquiez


- France
Boat models/ranges: Pilot, Centurion, Optio
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing dinghis/sailboats without berths, sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1964


Gibert Marine

- France
Boat models/ranges: Gib'Sea
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)

Taken over by Dufour in 1996.

Logo Etap


- Belgium
Boat models/ranges: Etap
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats), powerboats (motor yachts/cabin boats)
built since 1970

Logo Salona / AD boats

Salona / AD boats

- Croatia, company AD Boats Ltd.
Boat models/ranges: Maestral, Salona
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats)
built since 2002

Logo Nauticat / Siltala Yachts

Nauticat / Siltala Yachts

- Finland, company Nauticat (Siltala Yachts)
Boat models/ranges: Nauticat, Siltala Yachts, Motorsegler, Ketch
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, motorsailers)
built since 1967

The story begins in late 1950´s when Nauticat moulded its first small fibreglass boats.
In the 1960's and 1970's, the designer was W. Aarnipalo (Nauticat 33, 36 and 44).
In the 1980's, the designer was the office of Sparkman & Stephens (Nauticat 521, 40 and 43).
Since 1986, the designer was Kaj Gustafsson (Nauticat 32, 35, 39, 42, 515).
In 1990 the yard took over the motorboat manufacturer Oy Flipper Ab.

Logo Nautor's Swan

Nautor's Swan

- Finland, company Oy Nautor Ab
Boat models/ranges: Swan
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, luxury sailing yachts (> 20 m))
built since 1966

Logo Comar / Sipla

Comar / Sipla

- Italy, company Comar Yachts
Boat models/ranges: Comar Clanship, Comar Comet, Meteor, Comet Cat
Manufacturer: sailboats (sailing yachts/cabin boats, sailing catamarans), powerboats
built since 1961

Founded under the name Sipla in Forli (Italy) in 1961. At the begin of the 1970ies the name changed to Comar.


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