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As Europe's No. 1 document checker when buying a yacht/boat, E/M/S (European Institute for Maritime Services) meticulously checks your boat documents for completeness and plausibility and, if necessary, is available with advice and assistance.
Not all boat documents deliver what they promise and there is a great deal of ignorance and misinterpretation. A veritable jungle awaits the layman. Typical questions that come up again and again are, for example:

• Is the IBS (Intern.Bootsschein) a proof of ownership?
• Are submitted VAT certificates always valid as such?
• What is a T2L document?
• Which European countries have special requirements for purchase and/or registration/deregistration etc., and what are these per country?
• Etc.

With the specialists from E/M/S you are in safe hands for all topics concerning boat documents, they know their stuff!
Boat documents are an often underestimated topic and have a considerable influence on the value of the object of your desire.
If there are deficiencies in this area, this often leads not only to considerable trouble, but can also be costly.
The specialists at E/M/S ensure a safe boat purchase! So you can relax and enjoy your time with your yacht/your boat.