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Logo Etap


- Belgien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Etap
Hersteller: Segelboote (Segelyachten/Kajütboote), Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote)
gebaut seit 1970

Logo Brig


- Ukraine, Firma Brig Boats
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Brig, Falcon, Eagle
Hersteller: Motorboote (Arbeitsboote), Schlauchboote (RIBs)
gebaut seit 1991

Slavia Radionov with his team of engineers has been building RIBS in Kharkiv (or Харків locally) in the Ukraine since the early 1990s.

Logo Century Boats

Century Boats

- USA, Florida
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Century
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Angelboote/Fischerboote)
gebaut seit 1926

1926 - Century Boat Company was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
1928 - the company moved to Manistee, Michigan where it stayed for over 60 years.
1995 - Yamaha Motor Corp. purchased Century in September of 1995. In August of 1995 Century and Cobia Boat Company merged to form C&C Manufacturing.
2012 - Century was purchased by Allcraft Marine, LLC and relocated to Zephyrhills. FL.

Logo Mochi Craft

Mochi Craft

- Italien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Mochi Craft, Dolphin
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote)

The brand was founded in the 60s by Luciano Mochi Zamperoli.
In 2001 the yard was purchased by Ferretti Group.

Logo Trophy Boats

Trophy Boats

- USA, Firma Trophy Sportfishing Boats
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Center Console, Walkaround
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Angelboote/Fischerboote)

Trophy is a part of the Brunswick Corporation.
Logo Donzi Marine

Donzi Marine

- USA, North Carolina
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Donzi ZR, Donzi ZF, Donzi ZFX, Donzi ZSF
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Angelboote/Fischerboote, Rennboote)
gebaut seit 1964

Founded in Miami in 1964, Donzi designs and manufactures over 20 unique fiberglass recreational powerboat models ranging from 27 to 43 feet. Now producing in North Carolina.

Logo Atlantis


- Italien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Atlantis
Hersteller: Motorboote
nicht funktionierende Webseite:

Logo Faeton


- Spanien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Faeton, Cruiser, Moraga, Scape, Formentera
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Angelboote/Fischerboote)

A part of Astondoa Group.

Logo Guy Couach

Guy Couach

- Frankreich, Firma Couach Chantier Naval
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Couach, Guy Couach
Hersteller: Segelboote (Segelyachten/Kajütboote), Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Motor-Luxusyachten (> 20 m))
gebaut seit 1897

Logo Nauticat / Siltala Yachts

Nauticat / Siltala Yachts

- Finnland, Firma Nauticat (Siltala Yachts)
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Nauticat, Siltala Yachts, Motorsegler, Ketch
Hersteller: Segelboote (Segelyachten/Kajütboote, Motorsegler)
gebaut seit 1967

The story begins in late 1950´s when Nauticat moulded its first small fibreglass boats.
In the 1960's and 1970's, the designer was W. Aarnipalo (Nauticat 33, 36 and 44).
In the 1980's, the designer was the office of Sparkman & Stephens (Nauticat 521, 40 and 43).
Since 1986, the designer was Kaj Gustafsson (Nauticat 32, 35, 39, 42, 515).
In 1990 the yard took over the motorboat manufacturer Oy Flipper Ab.
Logo Hurricane Boats

Hurricane Boats

Boot-Modelle/Reihen: SunDeck, FunDeck
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Pontonboote)

Logo Parker Poland

Parker Poland

- Polen, Firma Parker Poland Sp.z o.o.
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Parker
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Angelboote/Fischerboote), Schlauchboote (RIBs)

Logo Majesty Yachts / Gulf Craft

Majesty Yachts / Gulf Craft

- Vereinigte Arab. Emirate
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Majesty
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Motor-Luxusyachten (> 20 m), Motor-Megayachten (> 50 m))
gebaut seit 2003

Logo Rio Boats

Rio Boats

- Spanien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Rio, Blu, Cruiser, Cabin, Air, Colorado, Scarani
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Motoryachten/Kajütboote)

Taken over by Scarani Group.

Logo Tracker


- USA, Missouri, Firma Tracker Boats
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Tracker
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Angelboote/Fischerboote, Motor-Aluminiumboote)

Belongs to Tracker Marine Group.

Logo Cayman Yachts

Cayman Yachts

- Italien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Cayman
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Motor-Luxusyachten (> 20 m))

Logo Pedro


- Niederlande/Holland, Firma Pedro-Boat
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Pedro
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote)
gebaut seit 1973

Logo Aicon Yachts

Aicon Yachts

- Italien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Aicon
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Motor-Luxusyachten (> 20 m), Motor-Megayachten (> 50 m))
gebaut seit 1999, nicht funktionierende Webseite:

Logo Salona / AD boats

Salona / AD boats

- Kroatien, Firma AD Boats Ltd.
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Maestral, Salona
Hersteller: Segelboote (Segelyachten/Kajütboote)
gebaut seit 2002

Logo Tahoe


- USA, Missouri
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Tahoe
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Angelboote/Fischerboote, Wakeboard-/Wasserskiboote)

Belongs to Tracker Marine Group.

Logo Malibu


- USA, California, Firma Malibu Boats
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Malibu, Wakesetter
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Wakeboard-/Wasserskiboote)

Logo Amel


- Frankreich
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Amel
Hersteller: Segelboote (Segelyachten/Kajütboote)
gebaut seit 1960

Logo Raffaelli Yacht

Raffaelli Yacht

- Italien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Raffaelli
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote)
gebaut seit 1962, Länge > ca. 10 m

Logo Scarab


- USA, Michigan, Firma Scarab Jet Boats
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Scarab
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Wakeboard-/Wasserskiboote)

Logo Pursuit


- USA, Florida, Firma Pursuit Boats
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Pursuit
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Angelboote/Fischerboote)

Logo Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts

- Italien, Firma Monte Carlo Yachts S.p.A.
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Monte Carlo Yachts, MCY
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Motor-Luxusyachten (> 20 m))

Logo Dellapasqua


- Italien
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: DC7 Elite, DC7, DC8, DC9 Elite, DC9 SL, DC10 SL, DC11 SL, DC12 SL, DC13 Elite, DC14 Elite, DC14 SL, DC16 SL, DC16 Elite, DC18 Elite, DC18 SL
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote)
gebaut seit 1959

Logo Bombard


- Frankreich
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Bombard
Hersteller: Schlauchboote (RIBs)

Logo Luhrs Yachts

Luhrs Yachts

- USA, Florida, Firma Luhrs Sportfish
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Luhrs Sport Fishing
Hersteller: Motorboote (Motoryachten/Kajütboote, Angelboote/Fischerboote)
gebaut seit 1930

Luhrs Marine Group declared bankruptcy in 2007. It ceased operations in January 2008. In 2012 Luhrs sportfishing boats was acquired from the Marlow acquisition group by the Florida-based investing firm MB Marine Industries LLC. MB Marine Industries is committed to start building Luhrs again.

Logo Sea Fox

Sea Fox

- USA, South Carolina, Firma Sea Fox Boats
Boot-Modelle/Reihen: Sea Fox, Center Console, Bay Boat, Dual Console, Side Console, Walk Around
Hersteller: Motorboote (Daycruiser/Motorboote ohne Kojen, Angelboote/Fischerboote)


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