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Motoryachts MIRAKUL
Motoryachts MIRAKUL
Мистер Klaudio Grginic
10000 Zagreb
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Mirakul 30, Mirakul 40, Shark 38, Shark 23
немецкий, английский, хорватский
3 года с

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company operates from 2000 and previous work, and many brokerage in the sale of vessels acquired the capital experience the foundations of our business relationship with our clients and associates, a simple, quick and thorough presentation of vessels to all interested
Current and future sailors certainly is one of the crucial steps in the purchase of vessels.

Durable and safe boat Mirakul 30 & 40 for the demanding conditions prevailing at sea with the most rigid durability tests have proved to be among the best in the class of vessels for several family cruises and boats for charter, sport and recreation.

On our boats special attention was paid to detail and high quality performance and the original project provide harmonious stay on the boat with a rich standard equipment.

Please contact us so that we provide high quality information and presentation motoryachts from our production.

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Mirakul 40 Hardtop

Моторная лодка / моторная яхта: Grginić Yachting - Mirakul, выставочный экспонат, стеклопластик/пластик
Длина x ширина: 11,99 м x 4 м, 11,99 x 4 м г. постр.: 2021, каюты: 3
Двигатель: Yanmar 8LV320Z TWIN TURBO / 2 x 320 KS - V8 Diesel 4.4 liter, 2 x 320 л.с. (235 кВт), дизель
€ 383.148
Место стоянки: Хорватия
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Цена: € 383.148, без НДС

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