North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO (парусная лодка) для продажи

парусная лодка / парусная яхта, подержанная лодка

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North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 2
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 3
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 4
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 5
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 6
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 7
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 8
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 9
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NOфото 10
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North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 1
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 2
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 3
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 4
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 5
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 6
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 7
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 8
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 9
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - фото 10

Описание +
Price reduction- a real opportunity ! North Wind 58 a unique luxury cruiser specially conceived for ocean sailing - Sparkman & Stephens design. Extensive equipment for worldwide cruising! NEW TEAK DECK 2015--Just new batteries (6)--Freeboard and underwater hull recently polished ---Perfect condition, ready to go !!!

Preisreduzierung - eine echte Gelegenheit! North Wind 58 ein einzigartiger Luxussegler mit außergewöhnlicher Ausstattung.... весь текст
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Данные лодки North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO

€ 495.000 € 440.000
с учетом НДС
ID лодки:
Модель лодки:
North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO
Тип лодки:
парусная лодка / парусная яхта
подержанная лодка
Год постройки:
Место стоянки:
Испания, Alicante
Каюты / койки:
3 / 5
Материал корпуса:

Технические данные

19,20 м (63 футов)
Ширина / осадка:
5,02 / 2,33 м
Число туалетов:
Volvo Penta
Мощность двигателя:
150 л.с. (110 кВт)
с валом
Крейсерская скорость:
8 кп
Макс. скорость:
10 кп
Топливный бак:
1.600 л
Бак для воды:
1.600 л
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Реклама / сервис

Купить North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - оборудование парусная яхта - парусная лодка

GPS, плоттер, радио ультракоротких волн, радар, автопилот, эхолот, измерение логом, анемометр, компас

Техническое снаряжение
кондиционер, блок питания на берегу 220В, генератор, подруливающее устройство в носовой части, инвертер, система горячего водоснабжения, зарядное устройство

спасательный плот, трюмный насос электрический

Палубное снаряжение
душ палубный, защита от водяной пыли, навесной тент, палуба из тикового дерева, лестница для купания, трап электрический

Внутреннее оборудование
микроволновая печь, посудомоечная машина, стиральная машина, холодильник, морозилка, духовка

Предметы развлечения
телевизор, DVD, CD-плеер, радио

генуэзский стаксель, сворачиваемый роликом генуэзский стаксель, деревянный спинакер, спинакер, электрические лебедки (2 x 58 / 2 x 75), свертывание паруса

покрытие кубрика, брезент для парусов

Другое оборудование
стол в кубрике, опреснитель

Другая информация
Detailed equipment list
RIGGING AND SAILS SELDEN rigging specially reinforced for ocean sailing, rigging and turnbuckles oversized; was fully dismantled and revised with some changes in 2012
Fixed spinnaker boom, with rail for vertical adjustment
Small stainless steel boom for Gennaker mounting
Gennaker of 217 m2, made with two ounces tissue at the ends and one ounce and a half in the center, with sock.
Genoa and staysail HOOD special fabric made of high strength, and Harken furling (oversized).
Battened mainsail with three reefing levels with pulleys on the luff and leech. Rail with ball bearings. Special single line furling system inside the boom.
Mizzen mast furling system. Rigging on the mizzen boom, for use as a crane to lift up the dinghy to the stern platform.
Antenna on starboard backstay insulated for SSB.
Lazyjacks and lazybags for mainsail with the boat's name.

DECK EQUIPMENTSeventy meters 12m/my with chain brake to lock the chain when the boat is anchored and the anchor windlass not working.
Remote control to operate the anchor windlass from anywhere in the boat.
Auxiliary system for the anchor windlass to chain up manually in case of failure.
Second Danfos aluminum anchor with 20 meters of chain, 100 meters line, and lead ballast to counterweight anchor.
Aluminum hatch, teak covered, for the bow locker.
Aluminum watertight hatch placed in the collision bulkhead separating the anchor from the forward hatch.
Hardtop over the cockpit, glass, with two folding front windows. The entire interior is covered with teak.
Special upholstery (sofa type) on every seat in the cockpit.
Soft top with steel arch, for the closure of the cockpit while in port or sailing in bad weather conditions
Retractable awning over cockpit.
Removable Awning with steel frame over the aft deck.
Stainless steel and teak staircase, in the pulpit to board the ship.
Swim ladder to place on the sides of the boat.
Aluminium platform aft with hydraulic gangway built-in, covered with teak
Water shower (hot / cold) on the platform.
Barbecue FORCE-10 gas in pushpit.
Fishing rod holders on port and starboard.
Lifeguard starboard, with automatic light and hundred meters lifeline.
Lifeguard port with telescopic beacon PLASTIMO flag and light.
PLASTIMO ladder folded in his bag and secured to the starboard side of the aft balcony, to board the ship in case of man overboard.
Dinghy CRISILVER with Yamaha engine 8 Hp
AVON life raft for eight persons A class.
Two electric winches 58 for the main sheet and reefing
Two 75 electric winches for the genoa sheets.
Two 58 staysail winches.
Eight jaws with rope guides to winches.
Fresh or sea water pump, with hose connection on the for cleaning the anchor and chain, or to flush the deck.
TV antenna on top of the mizzen mast.
Antenna to pick up the wifi signal on top of the mizzen mast.
Satellite TV RAYMARINE on mizzen.
Tricolor and anchor lights LED for sailing with minimum energy consumption, as well as the ship's lights.
MOTOR AND OTHER EQUIPMENTVolvo Penta engine six-cylinder 150 Hp. 
Economic Cruising speed 8 knots at 1,700 laps. 
Cruising speed 9 knots at 2,200 laps. 
Maximum speed 10 knots at 2,600 laps.
ACUADRIVE in the engine system to avoid vibrations. 
Dry ceramic gland nut motor shaft.
Alternative system for emergency power to pump out bilge water with engine’s sea water pump..
Fire extinguishers in Cockpit, aft cabin, chart table, and kitchen.
GAS FIRETRACE System FM 200, with four fire detectors and automatic discharge, which protect both electric panels 24 and 220 volts, and in the engine room next to the starter motor and the two alternators.
Three blade adjustable propeller MAX - PROP. 
Rope cutter on the propeller shaft.
Bow thruster MAX - POWER (retractable) oversized, 50 kilos of thrust and moves the boat perfectly with 30 knots of crosswind.
Double input circuit to the engine oil filter with two separate groups in each circuit, and tap to exchange the input circuit either to prevent possible damage.
Alarm system for detecting the lack of water entering the engine cooling circuit in the event of obstruction to prevent this lack reaches heated by cooling.
Three separate oil tanks (total capacity 1600 liters), with system decanted or discharged by means of an electric pump that simultaneously filters and cleans the oil from each tank.
Three separate water tanks (total capacity 1600 liters).
Freshwater Double circuit with two separate pumps, so that in case of a pump malfunction, have a spare.
Water inlet with pressure regulator for direct input to the circuit water pontoon boat fresh water and that the pump does not work.
Filters for drinking water home from the street, before putting it in the ship's tanks.
Tecnicomar Potabilizadora capable of producing 120 liters / hour.
All taps bottom of the boat, are stainless steel and are connected to the plates of zinc from the brass vessel with wiring.
ELECTRICITYCaucus of traction batteries (high performance) of 8,500 amps of electrical service capacity of the boat (changed in 2009).
Two alternators. One 100 amp service for batteries, and a battery 50 for motor and generator.
Double electric installation in case of failure, to bypass the service batteries with the engine or generator.
MASTERVOLT control system for charging the reserve battery having the service at all times.
KOLER of 10 kv generator.
Battery charger and inverter MASTERVOLT - COMBI 3.000/100.
Independent and exclusive Converter for ship's computer.
Ten solar panels to recharge the batteries of service, on the roof of the cab of the tub, with a load of up to 9 amps / hour.
Four electric heating plates, located in the two forward cabins, in the classroom, and in the aft cabin.
Two air conditioning (hot and cold) of 30 to 50 kilocalories.
Lights inside the boat, lets bulbs to save electricity when it is moored.
ELECTRONICSWindset complete with clock wind direction and upwind amplifier, log, echo sounder, and multifunction clock, located in the tub.
Two multifunction watches inside the boat, placed one in the living room and one in the aft cabin, connected to the anchor alarm.
Two autopilots AUTOHELM 7000 connected directly to the wheel, and a third AUTOHELM 2000 connected to the wheel for sailing with moderate wind, energy saving, motor or any kind of wind.
Three independent GPS system, and connected separately to each GPS plotter and chart table.
Radar / plotter RAYMARINE - RL 74, 48 miles. 
Plotter 15 inch AIS reception. AIS transceiver and receiver - RAYMARINE with corresponding transmitting antennas and GPS.
Radio telephone Simrad VHF with DSC and amplifier to output with 50 watts of power.
BLU Radio KENWOOD 1,000 watts of power and micro DTMF to dial directly the phone numbers.
Satellite EPIRB.
Facility IRIDIUM satellite phone with outdoor antenna.
GMDSS Walky brand Saracom for emergency and evacuation of the ship (required to dispatch the tall sailing ship).
Onboard computer with software for maintaining all elements of the ship and sailing program MAXSEA.
Paper printer connected to the computer.
Alarm system, covering the inside of the boat and the tub, or just inside, with siren and flashing light located at the cross of the mizzen.
KENWOOD Stereo with CD and auxiliary jack for MP-3.
SONY TV 20 inch plasma in the living room. 
Video and DVD brand LG, connected to the ship's three TVs.
Iomega hard drive with 460 movies recorded to see in the classroom.
THOMSON TV in aft cabin.
DMTECH TV 15 inch and 12 volts in the tub, connected to the AIS plotter.
Collection system WINFINDER man overboard, which functions as a finder. The heading indicator and distance to the wreck in the tub is installed next to the ship's electronics and antenna on Spider mizen.There are two issuers to take subjects at the waist of the crew.
KITCHENFORCE-steel kitchen racks 10 with pots and poised.
Domestic campaign, MEPANSA extractor fan.
Steel Smeg Oven.
BOSCH Dishwasher household size.
Freezer least 20 °
Refrigerator mixed as to connect either zero refrigerator, or freezer.
Domestic refrigerator (vertical) everyday.
Foot tap installed in the kitchen so that it can be used with fresh or salt water.
Direct output tap drinking water plant, located in the kitchen to fill water bottles for drinking without going through depots.
Gas detector installed in the kitchen floor.
Coffeemaker Saeco Coffee NEXPRESO loads on the kitchen counter.
INTERIORWasher / dryer BOSCH five kilos and top loading.
Three electric toilets.
Safe rolled the hull.
Aft cabin bed, 1.50 x 2.00 with wooden slats and mattress latex household.
Removable upper berths in the two forward cabins.
Portside cabin, with the possibility of becoming dressing, mounting two large capacity cabinets to make life on board.
Tarps anti-heeling in three cabins, with steel bars and fine chain with shackles that attach to the ceiling, sleeping in hiking.
Quilts quilt tailored to the three cabins of the ship.
Toballa fabric covers navy to protect all boat interior upholstery, easy to remove to wash.
Support for dishes and glassware in every closet of the boat.
All cabinet doors of the ship, are type shutters for perfect ventilation.
Screen door for entry of the boat. Mosquito Nets in the roof hatches and removable side hatches.
Special Curtains bellows, which are folded on the roof, in the six windows of the room.
SPARESTEERING AND RIGGINGPart of the anchor arm autopilot with rudder sector.
PACKING rudder horn, cut to order, at the helm.
Autopilot hydraulic arm
Hydraulic motor autopilot
Spare halyard for the mainsail.
Gag Lewmar halyard of 12/14 mm
Full spare rigging, pulleys for crude.
Two pulleys with carabiner
Two pulleys lateral opening.
MOTORThe eight sleeves bearing the Volvo engine.
Tail pipe to put in the sockets of the sleeves, for sealing.
Two large straps to the engine alternator.
Four small alternator belt to the motor.
Two thermostats Volvo engine coolant
Two pump turbines seawater cooling.
Board binding freshwater pump with thermostat housing.
Board binding freshwater pump with exhaust manifold.
Air filter for the engine.
Engine Oil Filter
Three diesel filter, which serve for the engine and for the previous prefiltering.
Filter the gearbox oil.
Threaded rod to bigger alternator tensioner.
Electro valve (celenoide) to stop the motor.
GENERATORThe five sleeves carrying the engine generator.
Pump belt saltwater
Alternator belt.
Three turbine water pump motor.
Oil Filter
Diesel fuel filter
Prefilter water separator
Two zinc anodes.
ELECTRICITYBulbs and fuses small amps all carrying the boat.
Eight large 14 volt fuses, 63, 80, 100 and 160 amp electric four, and two of 500 amps for the bow thruster.
Two thermal bipolar 7.5 and 220 volts at 10 amps for the panel.
Replacement Micro SSB radio.
Toilets, showers and thermos.All joints and turbine pumps bow the toilets.
Check valve in the aft toilet.
Bilge pump water from the showers.
Electrical resistance of hot water thermos. Complete.
VARIOUSAttach anchor windlass for manual collection of the chain.
Putty versatile two component repair fiber hull underwater, with their rubber gloves for handling.
Eight hull zinc anodes.
Two zinc anodes Max-Prop propeller.
Fixed propeller engine parts.

Disclaimer / Ex. de responsabilidades / Haftungsausschluss
The Company offers the details of this vessel / boat in good faith. Although we revise all the information with due care, we emphasize that the data material is based on information provided by the owner or authorized representative, and the company Mallorca Boat Broker S.L. does not guarantee its correctness and therefore cannot be held liable for errors.
La empresa presenta la información de esta embarcación de buena fe. A pesar de que revisemos toda la información con el debido cuidado, hacemos hincapié en que el material de datos se basa en la información proporcionada por el titular o su representante autorizado, y la empresa Mallorca Boat Broker S.L. no garantiza su exactitud y por lo tanto no se hace responsable de los errores.
Die Firma stellt die Angaben zu diesem Schiff/Boot in gutem Glauben bereit. Obwohl wir sämtliche Informationen mit der gebotenen Sorgfalt aufnehmen und weitergeben, weisen wir vorsorglich darauf hin, daß das Datenmaterial auf Angaben der Eigentümer oder Bevollmächtigten beruht und die Firma Mallorca Boat Broker S.L. für die Richtigkeit keine Garantie oder Haftung übernehmen kann.
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North Wind 58 Ketch ONE OFF - NO - информация без обязательств - парусная яхта

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Mallorca Boat Broker S.L.
Мистер Bernd A. Masuch
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07660 Cala d'Or, Mallorca, Baleares
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