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парусная лодка / парусный катамаран, подержанная лодка

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Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts
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Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts - фото 2
Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts - фото 3
Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts - фото 4
Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts - фото 5
Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts - фото 6
Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts - фото 7
Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts - фото 8
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Описание +
After being purchased by her current owner in 2016 CARTOUCHE underwent a $4MM USD refit from 2016-17 in Palma, Mallorca which essentially transformed her into a completely new vessel.
A full overview of all work completed are outlined in the brochure & an itemized work list is available upon request.
A few key items completed during this refit include (but not limited to):
complete rewiring of the entire vessel
new audio visual systems throughout
new navigation... весь текст
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Данные лодки Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts

$ 6.250.000 (≈ € 5.311.465)
ИНН лодки:
Модель лодки:
Catamaran Blue Coast Yachts
Название лодки:
Тип лодки:
парусная лодка / парусный катамаран
подержанная лодка
Год постройки:
Место стоянки:
Антигуа и Барбуда
Материал корпуса:

Технические данные

28,96 м (95 футов)
Ширина / осадка:
12,19 / 0,61 - 2,13 м
Число туалетов:
Cummins QSB 5.9
Мощность двигателя:
2 x 425 л.с. (313 кВт)
с валом
Скорость круиза:
10 кп
Макс. скорость:
13,5 кп
Топливный бак:
8.006 л
Бак для пресной воды:
2.998 л
Сточная цистерна:
999 л
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Другая информация
After being purchased by her current owner in 2016, CARTOUCHE underwent a $4MM USD refit from 2016-17 in Palma, Mallorca which essentially transformed her into a completely new vessel.
A full overview of all work completed are outlined in the brochure & an itemized work list is available upon request.
Listed below are a selection of upgrades from the refit:
complete rewiring of the entire vessel
new audio visual systems throughout
new navigation equipment
reconfiguring of the main salon layout, exterior deck spaces, and upper deck
new carpentry on the interior
refinishing of the hull
exterior paint on the hull & superstructure
new teak decks
new tender
new stone in bathrooms
new windows on the superstructure
new insulation & ventilation systems
new jacuzzi
removal & reinstall of mast with new rigging/wiring
new sails
new crew cabins (complete refinish)
new lighting on the interior & exterior
new satellite communications & antennas
CARTOUCHE was just hauled out in Palma in November 2019 where she completed her annual maintenance & received a new bottom job. All maintenance & service records are up to date and current.
If you are looking for a turn key large catamaran then CARTOUCHE offers that platform.

2017 Refit
Initial Work:
Wiring work, electrical installations and lighting installations
Improvements to the satellite communication system and new antennas
On-board network system improvement work and visual audio systems
Improvements in navigation and communication system
New crew cabins, carpentry, upholstery, plumbing, lighting, mattresses, wall bulkheads and ceilings
Comprehensive interior area reform, new ceiling panels with track systems, lounge seating area, bulkheads and paint, guest mattresses, interior paint and blinds and curtains. Manufacture of new outdoor seating areas in puente, new bar module on bridge and main deck, new seats and custom upholstered cushions
Improvements to on-board safety systems 6 months mooring and boat costs
New major sail
New seal candle
New gennaker-type candle Discount
Take out and put mast and jarcias
New quests and reforms
Hydraulic work for mast and jarcias
Improvements in kitchen furniture
Steelworks in stainless steel and chandeliers and covered according to class/flag needs Improvements to the Insulation and Ventilation System
Install new Jacuzzi on bridge
Retouching expenses in original paint
New electric barbecue for new bridge module
New crystals and windshields due to de-lamination in old sealed hatches
Paint consumables
Thermal and acoustic insulation in the living room
Pieces of methacrylate hatches on the roof of the bridge fiber arrangements
Thermal insulation and acoustic main roof ceiling
New pieces of the jarcias
New teak in bow and side aisles
Fridge of wine
Carp and scaffolding montage
August extra expenses in STP (varadero) various plumbing jobs
Scaffolding protection jobs
Supply of navigation lights and unhumidifying machine new furniture holsters
Fixes and new parts in desalinating plant
4 tap in 1 kitchen
Extra works of interior furniture painting
Return- jobs not performed in desalinator
Protective finish on new aft sofa
Preparation and painting of deposits and bilge
Fixes and new compressed air compressor
Wall lamps - interior
Ice machine
Legs for new table outdoors
New faucets - interior
Extra cleaning and fuel filtration work
Arrangements to hydraulic system in starboard bow new methacrylate in new deck hatches
Reviews and improvements to on-board security systems storage expenses for households
Transport costs
New shower screen
Assembling new navigation equipment
Remove wires on mast and install new electrical wiring arrangements to navigation panels
Bilge system
Modifications of the electrical system on bridge
Electric disassembly of generator
Installation of wiring new barbecue
Installation of inverter bases
Move electrical terminal plates
Electrical wiring clamping system on ship
Labor and help with electrical systems
Take out old wiring on bridge
Take out electric DC system on bridge
Take out windshield wipers
Take out blinds and old wiring
New fans in the engine room
New sensor system in tanks
Organize wiring on machine room ladder
Organize wiring in aft machine room areas
Installation of new generator electrical system
Wiring installation for new visual audio system
Electric jacuzzi installation
Emergency lights
Additional 220v plugs in marine
Fixes tometer kilowatts
Arrangements to electric hydraulic machinery system arrangements to hatch sensors
Extractors in bathrooms
Load tests on generators
LED lights in strips
Master off button design in lounge
Total wiring jobs for jobs above
Extra stone work in bathrooms
Methacrylate screen on outer bridge
Engineering calculations for navigational nail supports
Rolling and hydraulic reefin system arrangements Structural engineer expenses - mast
New fridges in bridge kitchen and bar
Structural calculations for new navigation domes fiber/composite arrangement work and reinforcements NDT mast inspection expenses
New lights in crosses
Additional work in jarcias
Crane service
Hydraulic system arrangements
Emptying tanks, cleaning and fuel treatment Sea mooring expenses Port de Mallorca diver service for hull-pass ingenor fixes cleaning up grey tanks
Fixtures and hardware new marine cabins manufacture of mast plate in stainless steel expenses mooring Pantalán med
New tecma toilet
Crew zone sinks
Fuel filters
Blacksmith's work bathroom platform parts navigation equipment insulation cabin armador initial paint retouching mast carp on the bridge
Tent the whole boat, second payment
New water pumps
Shower and bath parts, taps etc., guest bathrooms
Tank cleaning
New washer and dryer
Mast repairs
Fiber reinforcement work in squares on the mast
Repairs to the flashing conduct
Supply of stone material and placement in bathrooms
Stainless steel repairs
Nano-layer treatment of several areas of the dead work
Making life raft supports
Arrangements to the major halyard
Engineering fees and repairs on the mast
Stone material for bars and crew bath
Repairs to 8 hatches
Scaffolding jobs
Supply of new hydraulic motor for zero code sails
New auxiliary vessel, brand Ribeye SYT500
Smoothing work, repair and masking of hull, superstructure and boom and mast paints
Initial arrangements to hull-painting areas and stern damage manufacture of supports of the new navigation domes hydraulic system work
New headway lights
Complimentary lampara and reading in guest cabins work in navigation system
Costs of transporting table legs
Fiber and composite hull arrangements
Modifications and additions on raft supports
New cables and ropes
Return of unnecessary design jobs
Additional electrical wiring work
Harken winches switches
Revisions and modifications to Cummins engines
Additional parts and labor for engine revisions
Recycling of crystals
New hatch stamps
Mooring and boating expenses Dec 2016-final April 2017
Fiber repairs in windows
Painting of bow tambuchos
Modifications of designs in marine
Reviews and improvements to safety and lifeguard systems
Arrangements to cracks at bow tip in candle holder code zero
Revisions to water purification system
Sealing tap background and passing faulty helmets
GDR safety equipment reviews
Total safety equipment in original estimate
Tank caps
Big sail head and trampolines in bow
Fabrics for panel and bulkheads upholstery, extra cushioning and upholstered beds and mattresses
Mirrors new guest cabins
Medical teams
Bespoke metal parts for lifeguard stands
Metalnox - metal works
DURATEC various capes for candles
Total charged in original estimate metal works
Christian metal works
Christian metal works, anchor and mast base
Christian metal works, polishing
MTSea works on air conditioning system
Ingo Deep data improvements in visual audio system
BMC arrangements to mast lift point
Vert & Vert storage and revisions to auxiliary
Mallorca Yacht Service reels Leemar
MTSea arrangements to water cooling system
BYD valuation
Echo Marine reviews to water treatment system
Pinmar Supply - hardware and grocery items acastillaje Aug 2016-April 2017 They have extra bathing accessories
Micro waves new Miele
BMC works on new domes, control screen and hatches
Winch works reel reviews Harken
Improvements to central cooking island
Precision Marine engine parts
Julian Godbolt stern labels
Ribeye transport new auxiliary
Marina Port de Mallorca, Mooring May
RC Marine Parts and Labor Engines
Neoprene defense covers
Soamar insulation extra bathrooms and cabin crew
Echo Marine Service Water Treatment
OSCAR SIERRA reviews and improved security equipment
Rolling stock extra paint jobs by management April & May
Metalnox, short metal place
Blacksmith works - extras (fast metal)
STP expenses May
Navcom - NX700 Antenna and BNWAS Bridge Monitoring System Oscar Sierra - revisions to fire system engine room
RC Marine engine arrangements and sea trials
STP fuel costs
STP cranes to install furniture and domes on bridge
MPS plumbing jacuzzi, bridge and interior
Rialto - kitchen accessories
Kitchen parts
Evolution Sails candle cleaning foker and trampoline assembly MDS solimar hatch parts, registration plates
BYD, testing, study and stability book
HSM hydraulic system arrangements at rudder
RSB loop to restrict boom movement
RSB cleavage of the largest, defense lines, booty capes and braids RSB labor repairs major guide
Metalnox - remove thread in metal part
RSB - Remove all jarcias, remove mast with crane, transport to the area of revisions in the dock, check all the pitches capes and pulleys, take out crosses and boom, check botavara, assemble jarcia systems, assemble stick, transport the ship, monitor crane and assembly, connectall hydraulic and mechanical systems of jarcias and and wiring. Repeat the whole process of removing/putting mast again to facilitate complete paint and new repairs on the mast.
BMC repairs various fiberglass, structural composite and cosmetic areas on the dead work discovered by removing old putty and preparing surface for final paint
Extras of port side carpentry in kitchen
Carpentry extras and upholstery in marine
Additional carpentry work on navigation bridge and crew
Jacuzzi modifications in furniture and custom drainage area woodwork extra side panels of noble areas and columns of windows upholstery, labor panels on top
Etouch- additional labor pear electrical system
New bathroom furniture
Lacquered and varnished floors in living room and guest cabins
New lighting system and interuptors, parts and machinery, batteries, hatch sensors,
Installation of cintraicendia system cables, installation of LED luminaires on outdoor furniture Workmanship from the facilities above
Wiring, terminals and fixings for electrical installations above Manufacture of metal brackets for boards
Manufacture of metal supports for sports items in bow Custom stainless steel supports for slava lives
Stainless steel piexas for cooking hobs
Custom delrin parts and metallic Barrax table stands for cabinets
Stainless steel jobs in bathrooms and kitchen
Inspect and repair air conditioning machine 1 Centrifugal fan
1 Fan holders
Cajoes, tapas and carpentry furniture in kitchen
Exterior carpentry work in jacuzzi, outdoor areas, bridge tables and edges and side table bases
Motor wiring
Shipyard expenses for stability testing
Fire protection equipment
Jarcia's works
Naval effects, cabulleria, sandpaper, paints etc.
New kitchen extractor
Stools and gunboard
Bridge closure canvas
Bow awning
Liftering hoop holsters
Lifeboat covers
White auxiliary seat upholstery
Aft table covers and lounge
Sofa covers
Extra decorative quadrants at the customer's request
Defense cases x 12
Hydraulic system review work in candle cylinder
Major's reel hydraulic system overhaul work
Hydraulic system review work on hoses and oil
Container spending on shipyards
Fixes and improvements to the TV and audiovisual system, re-install music system Administrative and management expenses for auxiliary import
Administrative and management expenses for candle import
Administrative and management expenses for importing original appliances Outboard storage and engine overhauls

The Blue Coast 95’ yacht CARTOUCHE is built of high tech composite, well known for their light weight, strength and extreme durability.
The construction process combines the infusion of epoxy resin / Glass fiber/Carbon fiber and PU foam core. The vessel is then subdivided into smaller individual modules, including two full beam carbon fiber composite bulkheads bonded into a single symmetrical arrangement. All structural elements (bulkheads, frames, roof and decks) are carefully integrated with the interior.
Only few shipyards are capable of handling the technology and processes necessary for the construction of a composite maxi catamaran : H2X SHIPYARDS, in South of France, is one of the leading experts in this single infusion technology.
All structural elements made using the “one shot” vacuum bagging system. It is a delicate procedure that requires experience, precision and know-how.
During construction, the weight was continuously monitored and compared with studied estimates. Each separate structural component has been approved by laboratory testing.
The yacht has been built in a weather protected and temperature controlled construction hall, as per BUREAU VERITAS specifications.

Concept and Design
The sailing yacht Cartouche, the Blue Coast 95’ catamaran, was designed by the renowned naval architectural office of COSTE DESIGN & PARTNERS and heralds a new generation of high tech opulent sailing yachts.
She is undoubtedly one of the most elegant luxury catamarans ever built, while offering premium performance and superior comfort combining modern styling with refined aerodynamic lines.
The well-known catamaran’s stability is such that rolling and heeling are reduced to the minimum at anchoring and while sailing in rough conditions, thanks to her long narrow hulls. The hulls’ shallow draft enables anchoring and cruising close to shore, an option not possible on many monohull sailing yachts.

Rigging and Sails
The Blue Coast 95’ is built to be manned by a minimum crew. All the sails and mooring commands are operated from the helm station at the fly bridge, even the styled hydraulic furling boom, fitted with an automatic bagging system to protect the sails. This allows a very safe and easy sail reduction and open new perspectives in the maneuvering of giant sailing catamarans .
Mast - 33m (110’) rotating carbon fiber wing from Petitjean Composites (3D technology)
Boom - Carbon hydraulic furling boom (3D Technology)
Standing rigging - Kevlar, light weight, low drag and high efficiency
Rigging - Deck sloop
Sails fabric - 3DL by North Sails
Main sail - 235m2 full battened fat head
Solent - 115m2 self tacking with hydraulic furler
Storm Jib - 24m2
Gennaker - 280m2 optimizing power in light wind conditions
Spinnaker - 500 m2
1 x Harken 1000 STH for mainsail
1 x Harken 1000 STH for solent and storm jib
2 x Harken 1110 STH for gennaker and spinnaker in « carbon »
1 x Harken 1000 STH for spinaker and gennaker halyards
Mainsail track - Tenderlift Magic Trim

Exterior Layout
Sailing yacht CARTOUCHE, the Blue Coast 95’s exterior lines are the result of hydro & aerodynamic research, speed performance, comfort, ergonomics and the owner’s particular aesthetic wishes ... The entire deck is recovered with teak, all hatches are flush, the solid stainless steel rigging secure the easy passage all around the deck...
Forward deck:
The spacious fore deck invites to enjoy time seated on the two forward pulpits seats or simply to lounge on the large nets, while admirating the complete sails out ... The anchoring and running rigging equipment has been incorporated seamlessly into the deck’s layout, for an easy secure passage everywhere. A central foldable ladder will also invite you to go to swim from the front ...
• 2 anchors of 120 kg CQR with chain Studlink diam 16 mm with 110m of chain each
• 2 windlasses Lewmar V8 hydraulic
• 2 capstans C5 Lewmar for docking lines
• Central longitudinal plateform for mooring and access to front beam with incorporated ladder
• Front transversal beam in carbon
• 2 forward pulpits with teak seats
• 2 large trampolines nets
• Several storage lockers
• Full teak cover on fore deck
• Flush hatches high class from Solimar
Aft salon and access to transoms:
The exterior aft salon offers shaded lounging with unobstructed panoramic views and is separated from the large interior salon by a wide sliding door. The aft stairs pertaining to each hull lead to Lazarette compartments and down to the transom where one can store personal watercrafts, scuba diving equipment and other water sport toys.
• Lounge area with salon equipped by Royal Botania
• Dining area with a long table for 10 with extensions and chairs
• Large storage lockers in cockpit floor
• 2 large sun mats displayed on each side of the cockpit
• Bar arrangement with fridge, sink
Hydraulic aft plateform and transoms:
CARTOUCHE is also equipped with a hydraulic swim platform that drops 60cm below water level to facilitate the launching of the main tender. This platform can also be used as a sunbathing deck and is the perfect support to water sports. On each hull a swim ladder grants direct access to the water.
• Hydraulic plateform in aluminium with teak
• 2 long transoms with swim ladder incorporated
• Fresh water shower hot/cold on each transom
• Access to both technical rooms
• Hydraulic boarding gangway 3,50m long
Flying bridge and helm station:
From the aft one reaches the fly bridge via a comfortable stairway to starboard. The helm station is amidships and the rigging equipment is located to port and starboard for ultimate control and ease of handling.
A second, vast sunbathing area is located on either side of a Spa Pool and amidships there is a dining area where guests can enjoy remarkable views with sofa and bar. A dumbwaiter has been installed to bring food directly up from the galley.
• Double comfortable bench at helm station
• Dining area with table and chairs
• Carbon steering
• Large protection windshield
• Engines and bow thruster controls
• Electronics screens
• All controls for winches and sails
• SPA pool at the rear of the flying bridge
• Comfortable and adjustable sun mats all around
• Teak cover at the complete flying bridge
• Large hardtop with view on rigging
• Bar with sink, fridge, plancha, grill and lift

Engines, Plumbing, Hydraulic, and Electricity
Technical rooms are located at the back side of each hull with a large opening hatch accessible by the deck ; organization is optimized, and space allows an easy access for all maintenance requirements for the crew. All pumps, systems and fire extinguishing process are certified and approved by BUREAU VERITAS.
2 x 425 HP Inboard, Diesel, QSB 5.9, Cummins
2 additional 115A alternators (for services)
Speed - Max 12 knots (13L/H per engine at 9 knots)
Propellers - 2 x MaxProp 3 blade auto fathering 29’
Bow thrusters - 2 Lewmar 250 hydraulic (connected on PTO from generator) of 20hp each
Plumbing and hydraulic
Fuel Capacity - 2,115 gal (8,000 liters)
Range - long range, Transatlantic possible
Water Capacity - 792 gal (3,000 liters)
Black waters - 2 tanks for a total of 264 gal (1,000 liters)
Grey waters - 2 tanks for a total of 264 gal (1,000 liters)
Steering gear - Tenderlift hydraulic
Hydraulic station - 24V - 380V - PTO (power-take-off) system
Watermaker - 2 x Sea Recovery 280L/H each
Waterboilers - 2 x 150L
Pressurized water system - 2 units Headhunter
Toilets - Tecma fresh water Silence plus
1 x 27,5KW Onan
1 x 13,5KW Onan
Shore connection - 1 x 220V/50HZ and 2 x 380V/50HZ
Webasto reversible Bluecool Premium 2x72000 BTU
1x4500 for crew - 1x9000 per aft guest cabin
2x9000 for the stbd fwd cabin - 1x6000 for laundry
2x16000 for the master - 1x16000 for the steering area
2x20000 and 1x24000 for the main salon
2 x 35A Victron for engines batteries
3 x 100A Victron for services batteries
Inverter - 2 x 3KW Victron
House batteries - 1200A gel batteries in 24V
Engines batteries - 2 x 115A
Backup batteries - 140A / 24V

Entertainment and Electronics
CARTOUCHE is equipped with the best equipment and allows a lot of enjoyment on board.
• Large flat screen TV Samsung 55’ in main salon with DVD player
• Bose system Lifestyle 5.1 with speakers in salon and cockpit
• Sound system at the flying bridge
• TV antenna KVH M9
• TV Samsung 32’ + DVD player Bose 123 GSX in Master cabin
• TV Samsung 32’ + DVD player + Bose station in each cabin
Navigation equipment is complete and optimized thank’s to the choice done on Brookes & Gatehouse.
At helm station inside :
• Navigation station B&G H3000 Hercules
• Autopilot B&G H3000 with control GPD
• Remote control wireless for autopilot with receiver
• Compass Halcyon 3D gyro
• Computer with MaxSea software and Timezero explorer and AIS Maxsea module
• AIS transmitter / receiver
• Radar 2 screens 17’’ LCD
• Satellite compass SC30 with interface NMEA
• Navtex with antenna active
• VHF Icom 603 ASN
• GPS Furuno GP32
• Beacon Sarsat
• Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 250 Sailor
• Inmarsat Mini C with security alert system
• Horn
At flying bridge :
• Navigation station B&G H3000 Hercules
• Autopilot B&G H3000 with control GPD
• Module black box NavNet 3D Furuno wit keyboard
• Repeater screen for computer
• Radar 2 screens 17’’ TFT with antenna 4 kw
• Camera FLIR thermic
• Transponder Sart
In crew quarters and Master cabin :
• Repeater multifunction B&G H3000 Hercules

Interior Layout
The Blue Coast 95’s interior accommodations and decor meet the latest standards in comfort and luxury using lightweight materials and state of the art craftsmanship. The choice of the owners was to create a unique living space where the modern galley is designed for being part of the spirit of the yacht.
The master cabin is located on the main deck, with an incredible view on the front while other guests cabins are displayed in both hulls.
Each space has his own identity, black and white are signing this very elegant and pure interior. Carpentry is treated with refined grey oak, as well as floors on a light sandwich structure; the highest names are signing the benches and bar tools (Roche Bobois and Bonaldo), comfortable chairs (Bo Concept), but also the bathrooms (Fratelli Fratini and Jandelle), the different lights (Diesel, Kartell and Foscarini) ... Swarovski and Antilo are giving a precious touch to the bedrooms, each area inspires to serenity and refinement.
Master bedroom on the front starboard with sea view
Low cabinetry all around under the panoramic windows
Spacious desk area with sea view and comfortable chair
Ensuite bathroom with large shower accessible by starboard stairs
Salon area with comfortable benches and library
Large carpet and design furnitures
Navigation station at the front port with panoramic view
Large central fully equipped galley with - garbage compactor, - hood and induction cooker Neff st/steel - oven Neff - dish washer Siemens - microwave oven Neff
Lift in galley to the flying bridge
Long bar furniture with bar tools and suspended lamps
Numerous storage and cupboards
All windows in high tech glass from Tecnoglass
2 Guest cabins with desk area and spacious storage
Ensuite bathroom with mosaic and large shower
Wine cooler s/s Liebherr and large freezer s/s Liebheer
Lazarette with watercraft storage
Fore peak for storage with access from the deck
Engine room at the rear with access from the deck
1 Guest cabin with desk area and spacious storage
Ensuite bathroom with mosaic and large shower
1 Crew quarter for 4 in the front bow hull with headroom
Laundry area with washer and dryer 8KG Siemens
Crew kitchenette with sink, fridge, cooker and table
Lazarette for diving storage and telescopic gangway
Fore peak for storage with access from the deck
Engine room at the rear with access from the deck

The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.
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