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Fratelli Aprea 36 Sorrento
SEK 2.095.000

IVA incl.

ID do barco:
Modelo de barco:
Fratelli Aprea 36 Sorrento
Fratelli Aprea
Tipo de barco:
barco a motor / cruzeiro a motor
barco usado
Ano de construção:
Suécia, Kungshamn
10 m (32,8 pés)
4 m
Yanmar 6LYA-STE
Potência do motor:
2 x 370 CV (272 kW)
Horas do motor:
ca. 640
Fratelli Aprea 36 Sorrento

L'eleganza della semplicità - The elegance of simplicity. Yachtsale prides itself on conveying this Fratelli Aprea Sorrento 36 - a magnificent motorboat with charming charisma and personal touch dating back to the 19th century Italian sea life, continue reading and let yourself be fascinated by this classic motorboat masterpiece! A Strong personality in high class sums up the Sorrento 36 - the model reflects the true character of sailors through generations - elegant but at the same time tough. This model exudes energy and performance with its feel for the details on board. The interior is characterized by warmth and elegance, surrounded by the details of carved hardwood. On deck, it is noted that the boat is designed to be enjoyed on - here are wide spaces with sunbed and sofa in the bow and a sofa in the stern that makes moments aboard enjoyable. This specimen was picked up by the first owner in Italy in 2001 and he had the boat in Marbella in the summer of 2001 and 2002. After that, the boat was transported on a lorry to Sweden and was then in indoor storage until 2012 when the current owner took over her. The boat has been renovated during the years 2017/2018 and is today in an exceptionally exemplary condition! Double Yanmar engines of 370 hp each provide reliable performance - maximum speed of about 27 knots, march speed of about 21-22 knots, on 1,100 turns she slides in about 6.3 knots. The owner's own comment: "Fantastic seaworthiness, from the driver's seat she is like a big ship with huge front deck. She can be controlled with remote control from the couch in the bow at low speed where you can sit together with the whole family." This is a very special occasion, rarely seen, to take ownership of a Fratelli Aprea Sorrento 36!


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