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Houseboat ZOE 1200
€ 35 800

ID lodi:
Model lodi:
Houseboat ZOE 1200
H20 home
Druh lodi:
motorová loď / hausbót - plovoucí dům
nová loď
Rok výroby:
Polsko, Nieuwbouw.
Materiál trupu:
dřevěná loď
12,50 m (41 stop)
Šířka / ponor:
4,20 / 0,40 m
Průjezdní výška:
3,40 m
Houseboat ZOE 1200

This wooden houseboat has a warm appearance and is ideal for rental and use during the summer months. The construction is made of steel and wood but built on floats of Poleytheen which are suitable for cold and ice. The roof and floor can be insulated at extra cost so that winter stay is better possible.
Outboard engine 15 to 20 hp is optional.
The price includes electrical installation and basic facilities but can be expanded at extra cost.
The Zoe with red color is a nice example of the one of the latest versions.

For detailed specifications and more information contact Frans van der Houwen. (e-mail in contact data), telephone: 0031.06.1025.5199.


Specification standard delivery ZOE 1200

Galvanized steel frame.
20 polythene floats of 500 liters
Deck covered with grooved planks
Wooden posts and PE rails of the deck
Steering console with cables and mechanical transmission, without throttle
Walls made of Scandinavian spruce planks, 44 mm thick, tongue / groove connection
3 coats, paint with UV filter
PVC terrace window 200x200 cm
Round window Ø 800 - 4 pcs. and Ø 400 - 1 pc.
Rear entrance door 70x190 cm made of PVC
Roof panels 18 mm, covered with green roofing felt, 2 layers
Roof ceiling - thermally insulated with 10 cm Styrofoam
Floor - panels 18 mm, thermally insulated with 10 cm Styrofoam
Floor covering made of PVC panels AC4
Kitchen 140 cm, plus white kitchen cupboard above + kitchen stove with 2 gas burners + refrigerator 12 / 230V
At the entrance door with electric security board, space for gas stove, water pump, etc.
Shower cubicle, wash basin with vanity unit, chemical toilet.
Electrical system - 12 and 230 V.
LED lamps 10 pieces in the ceiling, sockets 230V 8 pieces, USB sockets 12V - 2 pieces, patio lamps 4 front + 2 rear. Boat outline lights, 4 pieces, 1 battery 55Ah.
Electrical installation for motors 12V to the steering position
Complete port connection with shut-off valve + 2 water taps.
Water supply system from the drinking water tank with pump, filter and expansion tank
Black water tank 400 liters with drain and ventilation
Gas stove system, 2 burners + gas bottle 5 kg


The price includes the electrical installation, contacts and sockets 230 and 12V USB/12 volt connections, fuses, control panel and water pump.
Inside and outside LED lighting. Battery with automatic charger. Holding tank with possibility to connect to sewage system.
Fresh water tank with pump.
Gas installation
Support for engine mounting
Shower cabin
Bathroom furniture such as sink and mirror cabinet.
Chemical toilet.

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